Our audience


Our audience

Reach People Who Care

Chinook Book reaches over 220,000 active mobile users per year, generating over 3 million app sessions and 300,000 mobile offer redemptions and contributing over $42 million in transaction value to our partners in California, Colorado, Minnesota, Oregon and Washington. Annual organic user growth is 11% per year with 16% growth in our opted-in email promotion audience.

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Who Are They?

They are real.

They are not bots or spam accounts.


They are invested.

They want their local community to succeed.

They are active.

They are engaged across multiple communication platforms.


They trust us.

They buy the brands we recommend.


Love Chinook Book! ★★★★★ 

I love this app, and the Chinook Book!

Local Love! ★★★★★ 

This app is amazing for the person or family looking to support local businesses or just looking for new places to try.

Why Do They Use Chinook Book?

Top 5 Reasons Based on 2019 User Survey


Saves Me Money


Supports Local Businesses


Helps Me Discover New Local Places


Supports Sustainable Businesses


Encourages Sustainable Choices


Discoveries Galore! ★★★★★ 

It’s fantastic for those who like to explore! This app provides me with an excuse to try out all the local shops and restaurants I’ve been wanting to try for years.

YIP TO THE YAY! ★★★★★ 

I have found more super special little spots, whether it be a new grocer or a green toy store, that I never would have known was out there.

What They are Shopping For?


Great way to save money! ★★★★★ 

The app provides an easy way to find the coupon you want while standing in line. I love it!”


I am so impressed with the care Chinook Book takes to find businesses with sustainable practices...

How Engaged Are They?

Our average Click Thru Rates are over 5X higher than industry averages across all channels

Average Opens/Views

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Average CTR

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*Email benchmarks for open and click rates are based on 2019 Mailchimp average open rates for deals platforms 
*In app benchmarks are based on Google Search/Display and Facebook CTR averages for equivalent content types.


Where Do They Get Chinook Book?


Community Rewards

Chinook Book partners with public media, membership organizations, non-profits and green power utilities to deliver member incentives through gift subscriptions to our mobile app.

This highly engaged audience is motivated to use the rewards and discounts granted by their member participation, ensuring high levels of investment and engagement from our rewards partners.


Sustainable Retailers

The print edition of Chinook Book is sold year-round at local grocers and retailers in each of our five target markets. The book is an important source of new app users and each edition includes a 12 month subscription to the mobile app.

Schools & Non-Profits

Chinook Book partners with schools and non-profits in our target markets to raise money through in app subscription sales, app gift card sales and print edition sales. 50% of each sale benefits the fundraising partner. Learn more about our fundraising program here.

Source: Demographic and intent to purchase data from 2019 User Survey.