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How can we HELP your business GROW?


How can we HELP your business GROW?

Case Studies

Case Studies

How might Chinook Book work best to support your goals? The following case studies offer real world examples of campaigns that generated stellar results for our community of earth-friendly local businesses. Feel free to steal some great ideas for your own Chinook Book campaign!




Beloved Pacific NW Asian grocer Uwajimaya implemented a branded content campaign in our mobile app that boosted their mobile offer redemptions by 22% compared to the same month the previous year.

Here’s how great storytelling turned a celebration into increased sales.


Dining Partners


Bastille Cafe

Bastille Cafe generated over $40,000 in additional business in their first year of Chinook Book partnership.

Get stealable ideas for your first campaign here.


Grand Central Bakery

Over 8,000 customers activated through punchcards and partnerships that reached the conscious consumers they crave.

Find out how they reached more of their ideal customers here.


Birchwood Cafe

This neighborhood cafe extends a welcoming hand with a print and mobile offer that has yielded a 62X return on their investment.
Their secret sauce revealed here.


Hot Lips Pizza

A half page coupon ad plus a wildly successful mobile punchcard makes their pizza even more addictive. 
 Here's how they punched their way to the top.




Keen Garage

Keen Footwear pushed a multi-year print and mobile promotion partnership to new heights with a branded content campaign that turned inspiring hikes into an impressive 30% jump in mobile offer redemptions.

See the strategy that helped their campaign climb to the top here.

Home Services

Green Cleaning Seattle

Green Cleaning Seattle loves the ethical, loyal clients Chinook Book brings them.
Hear directly from them about their Chinook Book experience here.


Maid Brigade

Maid Brigade loves the high conversion rate and loyalty they get from their Chinook Book clients.
Find out why this 8 year partnership has been successful here.




Willamette Valley Vineyards

This iconic winery leveraged a beautiful location with a contest activation that added over 1000 new conscious consumers to their email and social media audience.

Here’s how they turned wine country wonder into a winning campaign.


Check this space for new case studies from our construction, lawn & garden and green cleaning partners soon.



Check this space for new case studies from our wellness partners, including sustainable dentistry, salons, treatment centers and spas soon.