Who They Are

HOTLIPS has been a family-owned business since making Portland’s first “gourmet” pizzas in 1984. In 2005 they began producing fresh fruit soda from the fruits and berries their farmers were growing. They are proud to partner with the Shepherd’s Grain cooperative to provide the flour for their dough; Flamingo Ridge Farm in Gaston, Oregon; Persephone Farm in Lebanon, Oregon; Queener Farm in Scio, Oregon; Weppler Farm in Brownsville, Oregon; Your Kitchen Garden in Canby, Oregon and many other local suppliers and food producers to produce the best pizza in Portland. 

Why They Heart Chinook Book

"We love how Chinook Book helps us reward our customers for their commitment to sustainable food. The new mobile punchcard program helps us encourage even more enthusiastic loyalty from our community!"

Why OUR MEMBERS Heart Them

  • Real tasty pizza
  • Seasonal ingredients supplied by local farmers
  • Homemade berry sodas, especially the marionberry
  • Participate in Pacific Power's Blue Sky renewable energy program
  • Participate in Portland General Electric's green power program

Their Package

Print Promotion

  • Half Page Banner Ad distributed to over 75,400 Portland residents
  • Distributed at retail locations like New Seasons & Whole Foods
  • Sold as a fundraiser by over 100 schools and community partners

Mobile Promotion

  • Mobile offer shared with over 50,000 Portland app users
  • 2 Mobile punchcards generating over $30,000 in return visits 
  • Monthly dining push notifications keep them top of mind
  • Integrated mobile location reminders catch people when they are nearby and ready to eat

Website and Email Promotion

Inclusion in Special Reward Community Packs for:

  • Travel Portland visitors
  • Portland State University students
  • Portland Community College students
  • Zipcar members
  • Portland General Electric Green Energy users
  • Promoted to over 100,000 via partner-distributed email campaigns
  • New & Expiring email sent to over 5,700 users each month
  • SEO-optimized website profile page boosts their online visibility year round

Package Value: $2,100


  • Print & Mobile: $5 off your purchase of $20 or more
  • NEW! Mobile Punchcard: Buy 10 slices, Get 1 slice free
  • 2nd Mobile Punchcard: Buy 10 sodas, Get 1 free


  • 1,741 mobile redemptions
  • 1,800 print redemptions (estimated)
  • 2,202 Punchcard users
  • 16,312 punches given
  • 758 punchcard rewards redeemed
  • 9,019 users favorited but not yet redeemed
  • 251,000 location views
  • 1,198 mobile location reminders per month delivered
  • 3,881 personalized user email mentions per seasonal coupon


Annual Revenue Generated: $136,230

Ready to start generating these kinds of results?

THE FINE PRINT: How do we get that number, you ask? We multiply their redemptions by their average transaction size.