Who They Are

The Laughing Planet approach to food is simple and straightforward, and looks like this: get the food from the farm to your plate as quickly as possible, and in the least complicated way. Their menu offers an abundance of clean, whole foods, tons of fresh veggies, and surprising global flavors that range from the exotic to the sublime.



SAMPLE QUOTE "We love rewarding people for their green energy choices... and we love the traffic we get to all 15 of our locations thanks to Chinook Book."


Why Our Members Heart Them

  • A fun and parent-friendly environment.
  • Healthy, delicious, locally sourced food with unique and diverse flavors.
  • Dinosaurs!


Print Promotion

  • Top of chapter full page display ad
  • Full banner with three coupons
  • Distributed to over 75,400 Portlanders annually
  • Distributed at retail locations like New Seasons & Whole Foods
  • Sold as a fundraiser by over 100 schools and community partners

Mobile Promotion

  • 3 Annual offers for 15 locations 
  • 3 Seasonal offers for 15 locations
  • Promoted to 50,700 Portland mobile subscribers
  • Integrated mobile location reminders to catch people when they are nearby and ready to eat
  • Monthly dining push notifications keep them top of mind

Digital & Email Promotions

Inclusion in Special Reward Community Packs for:

  • Portland State University students
  • Portland Community College students
  • Portland General Electric Flex Plan members
  • Willamette Week Give!Guide donors
  • Promoted to over 100,000 via partner-distributed email campaigns
  • New & Expiring email sent to over 75,000 users each month
  • SEO-Optimized website profile page to boost their online visibility year round
  • Social Media Promotion toolkit and dedicated cross-promotions


  • Annual: 20% off one entree. 
  • Annual : 20% off one seasonal or weekly special entree
  • Annual : 25% off any order of $25 or more
  • NEW! Mobile Punchcard Buy 10 Entrees, Get 1 FREE
  • Exclusions: Limit One Coupon per visit. Not valid with other offers or discounts


Total Annual Investment: $6,500.00

Laughing Planet Web Profile.jpg


  • 6,396 mobile redemptions 
  • 6,500 print redemptions (estimated)
  • 11,600 users favorited but not yet redeemed 
  • 225,000 location views
  • 1,460 mobile location reminders delivered each month
  • 1,524 personalized user email reminders per seasonal coupon launch



Annual Revenue Generated: $194,390.00


THE FINE PRINT: How do we get that number, you ask? We multiply their redemptions by their average minimum spend.
Most customers likely spend more than the minimum... but we prefer to be conservative in how we share our results.