Who They Are

Maid Brigade is locally owned and proudly services homes in Portland, Seattle and the Twin Cities. Maid Brigade developed a Green Cleaning system to respond to the growing evidence that traditional cleaning methods do not promote a healthy home or a healthy environment. 

Why They Heart Chinook Book

"Maid Brigade of Portland has been using the Chinook Book as an advertising medium for 8 years.  We appreciate the knowledge that most Chinook Book customers have in regards to healthy homes and safe vs. caustic solutions.   The Chinook Book consistently delivers the highest conversion rate and longevity for our regular clients.  Due to budget constraints, we had to eliminate advertising from most advertising vehicles that we used but we kept the Chinook Book because its ROI is consistently successful."

Why OUR MEMBERS Heart Them

  • They will send up to 4 maids at one time
  • Quick, efficient, and thorough
  • Only use natural cleaning products

Their Package

Print Promotion

  • Portland: 1/2 page banner with one coupon
  • Distributed to over 62,000 Portlanders
  • Newsstand visibility at high end grocers like
    New Seasons & Whole Foods
  • Sold as a fundraiser by 100s of schools & non-profits

    Mobile Promotion
  • Mobile offers delivered to over 60,000 annual app users
  • Seasonal Home & Garden content to keep them top of mind at the RIGHT time

Website & Email Promotion

  • New & Expiring email sent to over 90,000 mobile users
  • SEO-Optimized website profile page boosts online visibility year-round
  • Social Media Promotion toolkit and dedicated cross-promotions


Ready to join Maid Brigade and attract the RIGHT kind of customer?