Who They Are

The heart of the Neil Kelly Corporation beats strong today, just as it has for nearly seven decades. It’s a heart that envelops the communities they work in, and the people they work with. They're devoted to making peoples homes fit beautifully into their lifestyles. As they've grown into a multi-faceted design/build remodel and home improvement company, they continue to put people and our planet ahead of profits. The Neil Kelly team approach to design/build home remodeling was innovative 60 years ago. And it still is today.

Why They Heart Chinook Book

"Chinook Book has brought us loyal customers who show interest in making their house a home, while working to lessen their footprint on our collective natural home. As designers and builders in the Pacific Northwest, we pride ourselves on being on the front lines of innovation and technology. Investing in Chinook Book packages has fostered connections with many environmentally conscious and respectful customers."

Why OUR MEMBERS Heart Them

  • Locally owned and operated since 1947
  • Beautiful showroom
  • Committed to green design and remodeling
  • Participates in Pacific Power's Blue Sky renewable energy program

Their Package

Print Promotion

  • Half banner ad with single coupon
  • Distributed to over 83,200 Seattlites
  • Newstand visibility at retail locations like
    PCC Markets & Whole Foods
  • Sold as a fundraiser by 100s of schools & non-profits

    Mobile Promotion
  • Mobile offer delivered to over 32,000 Seattle app users
  • Monthly dining push notifications keep them top of mind
  • Integrated mobile location reminders catch people when they are nearby and ready to eat

Website & Email Promotion

  • New & Expiring email sent to over 32,000 mobile users 
  • SEO-Optimized website profile page boosts online visibility year-round
  • Social Media Promotion toolkit and dedicated cross-promotions

Total Annual Investment: $1,850


  • Mobile Annual 1: $25 off your purchase of $75 or more
  • Mobile Annual 2: $10 off your purchase of $30 or more
  • Print Annual: $25 off your purchase of $75 or more
  • Exclusions: Not valid on Happy Hour menu


  • 204 mobile redemptions 
  • 210 print redemptions (estimated)
  • 1,028 users favorited but not yet redeemed 
  • 37,680 location views
  • 42 mobile location reminders delivered per month
  • 1,023 personalized user email mentions so far



Annual Revenue Generated: $__,___

Ready to start generating these kinds of results?


THE FINE PRINT: How do we get that number, you ask? We multiply their redemptions by their average minimum transaction size. Most customers likely spend more than the minimum... but we prefer to be conservative in how we share our results.