Who They Are

Saturn Cafe offers traditional American diner fare with a vegetarian twist. Their menu features local and organic ingredients, served in a vibrant atmosphere. They believe that the health and happiness of their customers, staff and the business itself are inextricably linked and are deeply committed to socially responsible and green business practices.


Why They Heart Chinook Book

SAMPLE QUOTE "Chinook Book is committed to growing the sustainable economy and they bring us customers who really share our values."


Why OUR MEMBERS Heart Them

  • Traditional American diner fare with a vegetarian twist
  • Community gathering place with a commitment to social and environmental justice
  • Sustainable restaurant dedicated to the triple bottom line of planet, people and profit


Their Package

Print Promotion

  • Full Page Display ad
  • Full Page Banner ad distributed to over 27,000 Bay Area residents
  • Distributed at retail locations like Berkeley Bowl and Natural Grocery Company

Mobile Promotion

  • 3 Mobile offers shared with over 16,000 Bay Area app users
  • Monthly dining push notifications keep them top of mind
  • Integrated mobile location reminders catch people when they are nearby and ready to eat

Digital and Email Promotion

  • New & Expiring email sent to over 5,700 users each month
  • SEO-optimized website profile page boosts their online visibility year round
  • Social Media Promotion toolkit and dedicated cross-promotions

Package Value: $1,500



  • Print & Mobile: $5 off your purchase of $25 or more
  • Print & Mobile: 20% off your entire purchase
  • Print & Mobile: $10 off your purchase of $50 or more
  • Exclusions: Not valid with other offers or discounts. Please honor your server with gratuity based on cost prior to discount



  • 140 mobile redemptions
  • 420 print redemptions (estimated)
  • 1,109 users favorited but not yet redeemed
  • 12,700 location views
  • 16 mobile location reminders per month delivered
  • 3,646 personalized user email mentions so far


Annual Revenue Generated: $10,455


THE FINE PRINT: How do we get that number, you ask? We multiply their redemptions by their average transaction size.