Clothing & Shoe Stores

Chinook Book features local and ethically-sourced businesses from a wide variety of industries, and our audience shares our values. There are plenty of places to buy clothes these days, but 85% of our users indicated interest in buying clothing in the next year made with organic cotton or other fibers (in our most recent user survey). Whether you are high-end shoe store or a shop with everyday clothing items, you have the freedom to design an offer that is perfect for your price point and offerings. Here are some examples of current offers running at similar stores:

  • $5 off your purchase of $25 or more
  • $10 off your purchase of $50 or more
  • $20 off your purchase of $100 or more
  • 20% off all full-price clothing and clothing accessories
  • 25% off one full-price item


  • Certified organic fibers
  • Recycled or recyclable synthetic fibers
  • Vintage or resale items
  • Specific natural fibers like bamboo, soy, Tencel, and limestone