Unlimited APP Gift Subscriptions
(a $16 value per subscription)

Reward them at hundreds of local places they love

Custom Activation Mechanism

Activate via email or printed gift card

In-App Splash Branding

Remind them of your gift each time they use the app

TARGETED Messaging

Share news via targeted inline display ads

Exclusive Member Rewards

Deliver members-only offers and benefits

Location-Aware Push Notifications

Remind them to use their rewards when they are nearby

Customized Renewal Action

Incentivize renewal with custom messaging


Activation Options

Domain Authentication

Verify their email address to unlock the subscription

Activation Code

Deliver a 17-digit code in printed materials

Activation Url

Deliver a custom link via email

Renewal Options


They autorenew as long as the partnership is active

Link to External Renewal Action

We direct them to take a renewal action with you that re-activates their subscription


When their full access expires, a portion of their paid subscription renewal benefits your organization

Standard Renewal

User receives normal Chinook Book subscription renewal communications