Optimized for Your Growth Goals

  • Easy online offer redemption

  • Multi-market reach (over 220,000 users in Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Minnesota and Colorado)

  • Effective email capture through content and contesting tools

  • Engaged audience that consistently delivers twice the CTR at less than half the CPC of other digital promotion options

  • Automated monthly reporting on impressions, views, clicks and redemptions to optimize KPIs all the way through the funnel


2Branded Content.png

2 Branded Content Stories

  • Up to 750 words with live link

  • Include a slide-show or video

  • One tap link to your offer or landing page

  • Multi-channel delivery via email launch, app newsfeed, website home page and social media

Mobile Offers 6Pack.png

6 Mobile Offers

  • Flexible launch and expiration dates (minimum 2 week duration)

  • Easy online redemption

  • Integrates with all e-commerce platforms

  • High visibility in Discover menu

  • New & expiring email and push alert reminders

Enhanced Profile.png

Premium Profile

  • Full-screen 3 slide brand story on first launch of profile page

  • Customizeable About Us section

  • Up to 3 links to email capture, social profiles or landing pages

  • News feed highlighting recent promotions


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