Offers & Promotions

Optimized for sales conversion, our promotion packages are built around location-aware, trackable, time-sensitive mobile offers that generate provable returns on your advertising investment. Each package contains a mix of seasonal mobile offers, branded content, and email products to help grow your business right when you need it the most. Optional online redemption drives traffic to your location AND your website.

Promotion Packages Include A Mix Of:



Featuring seamless online redemption and less than half the cost-per-click of Google Search and Facebook ads, our e-commerce package integrates the best elements of our promotion packages with your e-commerce site, ticketing platform or subscription acquisition funnel. Capture email addresses, share multi-media enabled brand stories and create urgency with time-sensitive online offers.

E-COMMERCE Package Includes:


Community Rewards

Community Rewards offer an easy solution for rewarding loyalty and retaining members through Chinook Book Gift Subscriptions that offer customized branding, exclusive members-only rewards and offers, and targeted in app communication to your rewards members.

Community REwards Packages Include:

  • Unlimited 12 Month Mobile Gift Subscriptions

  • Easy One-tap Download and Activation

  • Members-only Discounts and Rewards

  • Targeted Inline Display Ads

  • In App Splash Branding

  • Customizable Renewal Action