How Do you Make a Sale Promotion That Really Tugs at the Heart Strings?

Some branded content stories do an exceptional job at attracting clicks and turning that engagement into an increase in sales. What makes the difference? Check out Uwajimaya’s top-performing branded content piece to steal some tactics to use in your own promotions!

An Anniversary Activates Uwajimaya’s User Engagement

In October 2018, Uwajimaya provided Chinook Book with a branded content story entitled “Uwajimaya Celebrates 90 Years” that highlighted their month-long anniversary discounts. The story was delivered to all Portland and Seattle Chinook Book app users via our in-app news feed, website home page content slider, monthly email newsletter, and multiple social media cross-promotions.

Check out the full branded content story here.

The piece generated over 43,856 story views and 3,061 clicks placing it number one for user engagement on a branded content story. The Portland post ranked number one overall, and the Seattle post ranked sixteenth overall, third place for the region.

What Worked

This piece succeeded by using a benchmark anniversary as an opportunity to turn a feel-good story into actionable results, building in a clever series of month-long promotions tied to the anniversary. The anniversary instilled a sense of community in their customers, creating a personal connection to the celebration that tugged the heartstrings in a personal, authentic way.

Finally, Uwajimaya clearly articulated the values of sustainability and community involvement that they share with their customers:

“As an iconic family owned business with deep roots in the Pacific Northwest, environmental and cultural sustainability is an important responsibility. Uwajimaya offers a large selection of natural, local and organic products, reduces food waste through programs with local food banks and is continually making efforts to conserve energy through eco-friendly business practices. In addition, Uwajimaya hosts and sponsors cultural events and supports local organizations that primarily focus on community development, education, senior and elderly assistance and multi-cultural issues. It is through these practices, Uwajimaya has been able to serve the community for the past 90 years.”

Success by the Numbers

In the past four months, Uwajimaya’s branded content pieces (both PDX and SEA) yielded over 43,856 brand impressions via:

  • 16,653 app feed views

  • 1,312 app feed taps (7.9% CTR)

  • 7,361 people reached on Facebook

  • 781 engagements on Facebook (10.6% CTR)

  • 1,941 website views

  • 17,901 email opens

  • 968 email clicks (5.4% CTR)

  • 22% increase in redemptions compared to the same month the previous year


How to Make This Work for You

The anniversary article, as used by Uwajimaya, works by tying a benchmark date to a series of promotions, helping elevate the story beyond “just another sale” and turning the whole promotion into a thank you to the community and a celebration of community success.

Here are a few ideas for celebration-style articles that might work for your business goals:

  • Celebrate 15 Years of Sustainable Art Supplies

  • Join Pelican Bistro for Their One Year Birthday with a Special Sandwich

  • 30 Years of Shift Cycle: From Garage to Denver’s Favorite Bike Shop

  • Get a Free 5-Year Anniversary Brush from Portico Paint

  • Commemorate 10 Years of Wenceslaus Pets with Deals all Month Long

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