Chinook Book users have been loving our NEW monthly thematic guides. These seasonally relevant news stories feature tips and tricks on different topics throughout the year alongside useful reminders of relevant offers tied to that month’s theme. They offer a great, inexpensive way to attract fresh attention to your mobile offer in an engaging and highly relevant format.

Each guide is launched first via email to all users in your market and then delivered into the news feed of our mobile app. Offers featured in the guide can see up to a 20% increase in redemptions the month the guide goes live.


There are two primary ways to use a thematic guide to boost your mobile offer results.

  1. Thematic Upgrade. This simple editorial mention features a live link to your website and a second live link into the annual or flex offer of your choice, introduced with thematically relevant copy supplied by our in house editorial team.

  2. Thematic Display Ad. This 1024 x 320 banner display ad is integrated into the body of the story and includes a complimentary editorial mention and live link to the relevant offer of your choice. The display ad is also featured in the launch email, providing double impressions for the ad- both in the email and when the reader taps through to the story itself.

Check out our recent Design Your Life Guide for good examples of how it works.

See the complete 2019 Editorial Calendar here.

ABOUT TO LAUNCH: Animal Friendship Guide - Reserve by March 29th


Our April Animal Friendship Guide launches April 11th and will highlight ways to care for the animal friends in your life in a more sustainable way. To qualify for inclusion in this guide you must offer sustainable pet goods or services or support the welfare of animals through advocacy, adoption, or conservation.

Check out our Animal Friendly criteria here.

Who’s a great fit for this guide?

  • Pet food and supply stores

  • Pet walking, grooming or boarding services

  • Pet adoption and placement services

  • Pet friendly bars, restaurants and shops

  • Animal conservation and advocacy organizations

Reserve by March 29th for inclusion in this guide.

NEXT UP: Get Going Guide - Reserve by April 26th


Our Get Going Guide launches May 9th and will highlight sustainable options for getting around town… from ride share to electric vehicles to bikes… to your own two feet! Along the way we’ll suggest great places to refuel and recharge including coffee, juice and breakfast spots. To qualify for inclusion in this guide you must offer services that help our users get on the move in a greener way.

Check out our Transportation and Dining criteria for details.

Who’s a great fit for this guide?

  • Bike shops and services

  • Public Transit and Rail systems

  • Electric vehicles

  • Car-sharing services

  • Hiking and footwear stores

  • Coffee shops and bakeries

  • Juice and breakfast spots

    Reserve by April 26th for inclusion in this guide.