Who They Are

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is a science and technology museum in Portland, Oregon. It contains three auditoriums, including a large-screen theatre, planetarium, and exhibition halls with a variety of hands-on permanent exhibits focused on natural sciences, industry, and technology. Their annual partnership with Chinook Book includes a member rewards program that grants OMSI members a 12-month gift subscription to the mobile app along with exclusive rewards delivered through the app including free admission and discounts on pizza, IMAX tickets, and more.

Rewards that Attract and Retain Members

OMSI layers effective new member acquisition promotions with member stewardship and retention through the Chinook Book Member Reward platform, replenishing and sustaining their most valuable resource: their donor base. Here are the keys to their wildly successful program.

  1. The Right Invitation. OMSI has two key goals with their Chinook Book partnership: Attracting new members, and rewarding and retaining current members. Print and mobile offers deliver an attractive discount on first-time membership, converting over 400 Chinook Book users into annual members in 2018 and generating over $42,000 in new membership revenue.

  2. The Right Rewards. OMSI grants each member a 12-month gift subscription to the Chinook Book app that includes 8 exclusive rewards just for their members. Each exclusive offer delivers high value to their membership but low cost to the institution. These include FREE guest admissions, 2 for 1 admission to the IMAX theatre, and discounts at their concessions and gift shop. In addition, OMSI members have redeemed over $90,000 in discounts at hundreds of local and sustainable businesses while being reminded each time that their savings was a benefit of their OMSI membership.

  3. Easy Activation and Reward Delivery. The gift subscription is delivered with a custom URL in OMSI’s monthly membership renewal thank you emails. One tap on the email downloads the app and unlocks the exclusive rewards, generating an impressive 13% activation rate for the program. Maintaining the hundreds of discounts offered through the rewards program takes no OMSI staff time throughout the year, providing a powerful member retention tool while allowing the staff to focus on other priorities.



Member Rewards Platform including:

  • Unlimited 12-month full access gift subscriptions

  • Up to eight exclusive rewards delivered to member participants

  • In app splash branding delivered with every member app session

  • One 12 month inline display ad targeted to members


  • One free general admission

  • Buy one, get one free Empirical Movie Ticket

  • Buy one, get one free Reel Science Ticket

  • Buy one, get one free Submarine Tour Ticket

  • Free house coffee with $5 purchase

  • Buy one, Get one Free Pizza Slice


  • Mobile: Up to four mobile offers (annual or flex)

  • Mobile: One branded content story

  • Mobile: Enhanced mobile profile (Launching Fall 2019)

  • Mobile: One New/Expiring email boost

  • Print: Full page banner with two print coupons


  • Print and Mobile: $2 off admission 

  • Print and Mobile: 15% off any level of membership

  • Mobile Flex offer: $1 off SuperPower Dogs admission

  • Flex offer: $10 off membership (December)


Success by the Numbers

Member Rewards

  • 5,300 member rewards gift subscriptions activated (a 13.5% engagement rate)

  • 90,900 member rewards app sessions delivered

  • 24,900 splash branding impressions to member rewards participants

  • 5,998 redemptions of other coupons from OMSI Member Rewards participants, delivering over $90,000 in benefits to their members

Chinook Book User Promotions

  • 90,400 views of their in-app profile

  • 12,400 users favorited their offers

  • 1,168 location reminders delivered

  • 3,156  print redemptions (estimated)

  • 1,578 mobile redemptions (265 exclusive member rewards redemptions)

Cumulative ROI: Over $150,000 or 21X!