Who They Are

The Oregon Zoo is a 64-acre facility representing over 200 different species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates including over 25 endangered and threatened species. They offer year round admission, a summer concert series, summer camps for kids and an engaging membership program with great perks. Their annual partnership with Chinook Book generates over $228,000 in directly attributable results, including adding over 600 members to their donor base in 2018.

A Partnership that Sparks Pride

Three key factors contribute to the incredible results the Oregon Zoo has enjoyed in their Chinook Book partnership:

  1. They invest in visibility. By choosing large visible display positions and display promotions in print and digital, Oregon Zoo calls attention to their offers, helping them stand out from the other attraction options and boosting redemptions throughout the year.

  2. The right offer for the right goal. Growing annual memberships is a much more valuable goal to an attraction than driving one-time visits. By offering an attractive discount on annual membership, they boost their ROI significantly by ensuring each redemption is delivering a donor who will visit again and again. And by offering a dollar amount discount instead of a percentage, they take a modest offer (10% off) and turn it into a compelling incentive.

  3. They flexed their way to 18% more redemptions. 116 of their 616 membership offer redemptions were from their December one-month mobile flex offer. Timing their flex offer with the holiday season and creating urgency with a one-month redemption window refreshed their offer’s visibility at just the right moment. The flex offer gave them additional mentions in the New & Expiring email promotions, push alerts, and in-app reminders, driving a significant fraction of their total ROI for the year.



Gold Package including:

  • Mobile: Up to six mobile offers (annual or flex)

  • Mobile: Two branded content stories

  • Mobile: Premium mobile profile (Launching Fall 2019)

  • Mobile: New/Expiring Email Boost

  • Print: Outside Back Cover

  • Print: Top of Chapter Spread


  • Print and Mobile: $10 off membership 

  • Print and Mobile: $20 off the non-member price for a full week of Summer Zoo Camp

  • Mobile Annual offer: $2 off zoo admission

  • Flex offer: $10 off membership (December)


Success by the Numbers

  • 776 mobile redemptions (616 for the annual membership offer)

  • 1,552  print redemptions (estimated)

  • 6,016 users favorited their offers

  • 79,600 location views

Cumulative ROI: Over $228,000 or 28X!