How Do You Reach Beyond Your Local Audience?

Attracting the looser pocketbooks of summer travelers requires inspiring them before they arrive… and then reminding them to visit once they do. Combining a travel contest with a collection of relevant Chinook Book mobile offers delivers both inspiration and conversion in one tidy, highly engaging package.

Attracting Visitors with the Right Rewards

In June 2018, Visit Saint Paul in Minnesota partnered with Chinook Book to launch a contest that reached all of Chinook Book’s mobile audience in several different geographic regions to offer them a weekend experience in the Twin Cities (over $1000 value). The prize package featured several of their retail, dining and attraction partners and invited people to unlock an exclusive pack of mobile offers from those same businesses as the entry mechanism for the contest. The contest was paired with similar getaways to Portland, Seattle and the Bay Area, expanding the total reach of all four contests and creating a highly engaging promotion.

You can check out an example contest page here.

The contest was delivered via a dedicated email launch to over 170,000 Chinook Book users in Seattle, Portland, Denver and the Bay Area. It was supported with a branded content story in our in-app news feed in all participating metro areas, a feature on our website home page content slider, and multiple social media cross-promotions in each of our participating cities.

The piece generated over 68,700 contest views and 8,138 clicks, with a total combined click through rate of over 11%! Compare this click through rate to industry averages of 1.3% and you can see that this contest yielded some truly impressive engagement!

The contest added over 200 unlocks of their exclusive community rewards offers from their participating member businesses, allowing them to deliver additional discounts and rewards to travel contest participants who later traveled to the Twin Cities.

What Worked


This contest promotion succeeded through thoughtful collaboration with its member organizations and Chinook Book’s other summer travel contests to create a prize package that felt accessible, inclusive and fun. By sponsoring the contest simultaneously in all five major Chinook Book regions, Visit Saint Paul was able to dramatically increase the total promotion impressions, yielding more unlocks of their exclusive coupon pack and delivering brand impressions for all of the merchant partners who participated.

The contest was so successful that Visit Saint Paul returned for a second year with the same contest promotion launching in June 2019.

Success by the Numbers

Since launch, Visit Saint Paul’s Travel Contest promotion yielded 76,838 brand impressions via:

  • 16,473 app news feed views

  • 1,045 app feed taps (6.34% CTR)

  • 27,477 email opens

  • 1,570 email taps (5.7% OCTR)

  • 5,104 website views

  • 2,076 contest entries from 1,228 users

  • 224 Visit Saint Paul Coupon Pack unlocks

How to Make This Work for You

Each year Chinook Book assembles a multi-city Travel Contest featuring trips to each of our regions, with prize packages that feature lodging, dining, attractions, shopping and sustainable transportation for each trip.

Contributing prize value to the contest guarantees a named mention in all contest promotions sent to all Chinook Book users around the country along with a live link to your Chinook Book mobile offer.

Each contributor also receives a complimentary boost in a Summer Adventure Guide: choose between our Wild Weekend Guide in June or our Secret Staycation Guide in July (with qualifying advertising package).

In addition to featuring individual businesses, each contest can be sponsored by a presenting destination marketing or downtown association, offering additional display, splash branding, exclusive offer packs and email list growth opportunities for the sponsoring organization.

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