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Chinook Book mobile offers have just been upgraded, allowing merchants to choose between in-store redemption, online redemption, or a combination of both, making offers easier to use and expanding the potential for merchants that also offer online services, subscriptions, or e-commerce options.

How Does it Work?

If you choose to make an offer redeemable online, a small blue World Wide Web icon will appear next to the expiration date of the offer. When a customer clicks the online-compatible discount, it will bring them to the same, classic redemption page, but this time the button at the bottom of the screen will say “Redeem Online.” After tapping the button, they will be directed to a redemption screen that contains the online redemption instructions, the promo code and a button to “Redeem online now.” The user can tap the ‘copy’ icon to the right of the promo code to save it to their clipboard before browsing your site. They will then be routed to the custom URL or landing page of your choice where they can make their selections and paste the promo code into the relevant location in your purchase flow and complete their purchase. After a customer has clicked the Redeem online button, the redemption screen disappears ensuring that they cannot access the same promo code more than once from the same account.

If your point of sale system allows the creation of URLs that will automatically populate the promo code, the process becomes even simpler for users. We can also set it up to allow both in-store and online redemption for the same offer.

How Do Users Find Online Offers?

Every offer that can be redeemed online is marked with a blue World Wide Web icon. Users can also tap the “Online” badge on the Discover menu or in the Categories menu to see all online offers available in their area.

When Will it Become Available?

The new feature launched Tuesday, May 14th, so you can look in the Online Category now to find all of the offers that are already live. If you don’t see the new Online offers category, check to be sure you have updated to the latest version of the app.

How Do I Add Online Redemption for My Business?

All existing coupons with an online redemption option have already been upgraded to the new feature! If you are a current Chinook Book partner and want to add online redemption to an active coupon, please fill out this form.

Not currently running mobile offers with Chinook Book? Let us know you’re interested and a Chinook Book team member will be in touch within 24 hours.